Amazing Egg Decorating... DIY Easter Ornaments

Hello, it's Tracy here! Easter is right around the corner, and I was looking for a quick and fun Egg decorating project. My kids are grown so we don't decorate real eggs anymore.

Amazing Transformations... DIY Easter Decor

Good day everyone! Brenda here and today I want to share a project I made for my Mom for Easter. I received this cross awhile back and I love it dearly, but it's a bit heavy. Of course, since the Amazing Casting Resin is so lightweight, I decided to use it to make a lighter version of the cross to use as an embellishment to top off a handmade paper heart.

Amazing Transformations... Lizard Pin/Brooch REDUX

Hi everyone! Lyn here again with a fun Lizard Fall brooch/pin project for you that's full of sparkle. I originally created this pin years ago – back when Southwest design was all the rage... so the 80s...LOL! The last time I wore it the back leg broke off. 

Broken Jewels to Bejeweled Hair Clip

Hi all! Aimée here today to share this little sweet piece created from broken costume jewelry. I thought I'd mold it to see how the Amazing Mold Putty would do and it did not disappoint!  Check out the details below!

Can I Have a Vowel Please?! DIY Embellishments for Arting

Hello Amazing Makers! Susan here to share how you can translate game pieces into custom embellishments for use ART projects... especially those needing letters. At family gatherings, the board games come out and things get pretty competitive. Scrabble is one of our favs and my dear MIL has a fancy edition that has pretty burgundy colored wooden alphabet tiles. You know what I was thinking right??! I have to mold these!!! So she let me borrow them so I could do just that.

Chocolate Pumpkin Favors

Greetings Amazing Makers! Susan here to share some DIY treats for the Thanksgiving table settings. I made a few fun molds for molding chocolates and other sweet treats using Amazing Remelt and Amazing Mold Putty. Join me as I show you how I make these chic pumpkin favors filled with Thanksgiving treats...

Christmas at the Cabin

Hello everyone! Lyn Gill here again with another fun project... a Christmas Cabin! It's a little electric tea light holder that I created for the Holidays!

DIY Drizzle Masks with Amazing Remelt

I love to make ATCs and from time to time I play along with swaps and themed challenges – this is a fun way for me to try new techniques and styles that are outside of my creative box. For this particular project I needed a heart, but I don't have a stencil or stamp to use... but I can make one, quick. Amazing Remelt to the rescue!

Festive Ornamental Chocolates

Happy Holidays everyone – Tracy here to share some fun festive treats! With the Holidays upon us, the month is filled with get togethers with friends and family. I knew I wanted to make something special for a Happy Hour gathering with some co-workers, and I knew it had to involve Amazing Casting Products.

Frida Kahlo inspires #cre8time "VIVA LA VIDA"

Hi there! Maria here with a project I've been wanting to share with everyone. I love the artist Frida Kahlo, and after looking up some of her many quotes, I was inspired to create with these in mind. I created this piece inspired by a short but very strong phrase, "Viva la Vida" which means "Live Life". She looks AMAZING and love it! I think I will do a collection of "Frida" inspired frames like this one.

Happy Bird-Day... DIY Festive Ornament

Happy BIRD-day! Maria here today to share a fun project! You never know when or where artsy inspiration will strike. Some time ago after Easter, I went shopping and noticed these cute tin bird containers that were on clearance. They were filled with some type of hard candy, but all I could think about is how I wanted to make a mold out of the container!!!


I'm Scarab You! DIY Egyptian Scarabs

I wanted to make dozens of scarabs for Halloween decorations, but I didn't realize how much resin would be involved until I started. So I have devised a way to make an original in resin and then make copies of it using plaster and sand.

Painterly Floral Hat Pin

Hello, creatives! Aimée here to share how to add flair to your hats or scarves. This versatile project combines my stash of molded/cast items to create a larger molded piece. Oh the possibilities! I had a lot of fun creating these painterly flowers that add a POP of color to any outfit.

Polymer Clay Dove Ornaments

Hello! Tracy here to share a tutorial using Amazing Casting Products! Around the holidays I often find myself making last minute gifts to complete a package or basket. Harking back to the traditional theme of doves as a symbol of peace and goodwill, I decided to create "Peace on Earth" Dove ornaments. 

Polymer Clay Seaside Miniatures

Hello! Tracy here to share another tutorial with you! My obsession with miniatures is often a driving force behind my polymer clay projects and today's project is no exception. While the process of finding new miniatures to add to scenes or settings is fun, sometimes one can only find only a few pieces, not enough to complete a diorama. I wanted to have a wide variety of sea-side elements to use without damaging my originals, and this is where Amazing Mold Putty came to the rescue!

The Mermaid's Necklace - DIY Polymer Clay Jewels

Hello! Tracy here with a tutorial using Amazing Casting Products and PolyForm Products! A great inspiration for my art is looking for and finding textures to duplicate and/or mold. While my project might look like something from the sea it started in my office. Join me I as I use Amazing Mold Putty to transform this lovely pattern to polymer clay and create a necklace fit for a mermaid!

Tiny Resin Book Cover Tutorial (Video)

Tiny Tails is a handmade journal inspired by my new Chihuahua "Tiny". This project features handmade resin covers using Amazing Casting Products and is filled with watercolor paper. 

Cat Kerr is a Mixed Media Artist, Instructor and Product Designer living in Central Florida. Her work has been featured in numerous worldwide publications as well as on the PBS show “Make it Artsy”. Cat teaches classes locally, online and at art retreats across the country.

Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Hi everyone! Lyn here again – Let's have a conversation about... what else, "Hearts"?! A quaint Valentine's tradition, those little candy hearts with a message for your loved one inscribed on the front. So why not create these in resin?

Voyage Beneath the Waves... Altered Trinket Box

Hi everyone! It's Lyn here again from LynzCraftz – join me on a Cre8time journey beneath the waves with this super fun project. My "Voyage Beneath the Waves" trinket box started out as an old aquarium embellishment that had ceased to function.

Faux Crystal Jewelry

Good day fellow crafters! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and I'm so glad to be back showing you my newest fun addiction... making faux glass druzy bezels! I've been thinking about Valentine's Day projects and for this piece, red just fit my mood.

Faux Stained Glass

Hello Fellow Artists! It's Lara here with a project I've been dreaming to make for some time... Who wants to make some stained glass?! I've transformed an old frame into amazing faux stained glass and I'm excited to share it with you all! 

Flea Market Find to Family Keepsake

Hello everyone! It's Tracy here to share a project I created that holds some memorabilia pieces. A few months back I purchased some wood pieces at an antique market that used to hold watch parts. I knew I wanted to use these with Amazing Clear Cast Resin at some point... easily transforming one into a keepsake.

Frida Kahlo Jewelery

Frida Kahlo's works are often categorized as "surrealist" because of her sometimes bizarre and disturbing themes. I wanted to make a one-of-a-kind piece that would fall somewhat under that category – so I made a mold of an incomplete face to create unique jewelry "In Remembrance of Frida". 

Halloween Jewels

Hello! Tracy here with an amazing jewelry tutorial My favorite time of year is here... Halloween! I need to make a selection of necklaces to give as gifts... and I am short on time. I have decided to revisit an earring project using Nail Art Stickers. I knew with the right mix of Amazing Casting Products and jewelry supplies I could make easy and stylish Halloween accessories.

Holiday Deer Ornament

Hello fellow creatives! Oh my I just love holiday creating and boy oh boy, these Amazing Casting Products make it so easy!!!  Michele here to share a quick and easy Christmas ornament I made to use as a gift topper... that can also be used to trim the tree!

How to Slush Cast

To slush cast is to pour a fraction of the amount of resin into your mold (typically of a bigger piece that has
a lot of volume) and coat the sides with it by rotating the mold while the resin cures. Once the sides are
coated, you can back fill the piece or leave it to be hollow.

Like Honey to a Bee Valentine's Decor

Hi everyone! Lyn here with really cute project to share using Amazing Casting Products just in time for Valentine's Day... it's something to Buzz about!

Molded Butterfly Art

Hello friends! Michele here... I am in spring cleaning mode in my craft room and came across a butterfly knob that I stashed away to mold on a rainy day. Well since I found it and it happened to be raining, I got busy molding and casting.

Rustic Charger Plates

Hello everyone! It's Tracy here and I'm super excited to share something I created to display at a Holiday Market that my employer holds every December. I knew I wanted to incorporate a technique I learned about 3 months ago... Fluid (or Flow) Painting.

Spellbinding Statement Jewels Instructions

I have in my stash, some oldies but goodies from Spellbinders Paper Arts – some awesome metal bezels that are solid and beautiful, with lots of room for inclusions. I grabbed some glitter and transformed this bezel into this bohemian inspired necklace with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Squish Mold

This How To process will walk you through step by step the procedure for making a two piece mold squish

Tail Light Molding w/o Equipment

This How To process will walk you through step by step the procedure for making a two piece mold of a
tail light lens without the assistance of vacuum.

Two Piece Mold

A two or multiple piece mold is typically required when the object you need to mold has detail on all sides
of the piece.

Valentine's Day Decor

Michele here with a quick make in honor of "LOVE"... a small wall hanging and showing love isn't only for Valentines Day. I found a perfect little slice of wood, it spoke to me and I just had to create with it!!

Wearable Skull Candy

Hello everyone! Kristie Taylor here today... and I just love Halloween! It is by far my favorite holiday! Why you ask... well its because I have always been a little weird in the fact that I like skulls, spiders and all things just a little bit creepy – you may have noticed that in my art?!

For today's project, we will take two molds from my stash and use them together to create a fun necklace that is just a little bit creepy and perfect to wear for all hallows eve!

Whale Wall Art

Hi everyone! Lyn here with you today from LynzCraftz. It's no secret that I love Summer... the Ocean... the Beach... the sound of the waves and the salty sea air – so before Summer ends, I thought I would get in one last Summer project. I've named it "Whale Song" for obvious reasons...